Top Picks

  • Spring basket bags by Olli Ella have arrived 🧺 🌱🌸.
Hand woven from natural rattan and bamboo.
#olliella #rattanbasket #fairtrade #handmade #mollymeg #moseybasket #rattanbag
  • Happy first day of spring!🌸🌱🌼. Our Easter Shop is open 🐣🐰🦋🐥🐝
  • Our little book corner is choca 📚 📖
  • New rainbow mobile by Liewood.
I love this colour combination.
  • @molly_meg_
  • #mollymeg     #kidsinteriors    #mollymeglikestoparty

Welcome to Molly meg

Molly Meg, is an Independent design led children's store established in 2009. We offer an edited selection of furniture, home decoration, toys, gifts & party supplies, showcasing innovative design for children to be enjoyed by the whole family.In October 2015 we opened a permanent store in central London, where we host collaborations with designers, workshops for adults & children and events.